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The SmallHouse projects looks to develop the house of the future which is efficient in both size and use of energy keeping construction costs and fees at or near a $100,000 price point. The footprint of the house is only 850 square feet yet manages to feel large due to its vaulted ceiling and simple layout.

The house was conceived with flexibility in mind and can be expanded to include a stair to the lofted area which can be used for storage, a home office, or another bedroom. A bedroom can be added to the first floor and by extending the structure 5′ in height, the lofted area can be expanded to include two bedrooms a second bath, and lofted office.

Structurally insulated panels or “SIPs” are used to give the house a super insulated shell and allows factory fabrication, saving time and money on construction and keeping monthly bills near zero. Solar panels can easily be added to the roof for further long-term energy savings.

SmallHouse is 25 feet wide, allowing it to fit on nearly any lot greater than 35′ in width, making it a great option for small lots, city lots, and areas where historic homes have been torn down. The overall footprint allows for the option of putting two houses on deep lots where zoning allows.

Corrugated metal siding in combination with durable and naturally rot resistant wood siding not only give the house a contemporary look but make for an extremely durable exterior shell with little to no maintenance required. The shape of the house gives both the appearance of contemporary living while fitting in contextually with historic neighborhoods.

Living spaces are extremely open, making it a great house for entertaining and cooking for friends and family. The built-in dining table doubles as a kitchen island giving ample room for chopping but can be cleared for formal dining. The living space is great for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors from inside with large expanses of glass, creating an opportunity for a front yard garden. A full bath with double vanity and allocated space for a stackable washer/dryer provide the conveniences of a larger home while front and rear patio space comfortably extends the living area. Radiant heat can be installed in the concrete slab comforting feet during colder months. Ceiling fans keep the heat down where it’s desired and cool during the summers. The house is designed to maximize cross breeze, making it an oasis on hot days and minimizing the need to turn on the air-conditioning.

Tons of storage is available with an entire wall of kitchen cabinetry and huge closets in the master bedroom. The loft is lined with storage on both sides, making use of the knee wall space which would otherwise be unusable.

This is the base model house but can be easily upgraded or modified to meet your personal desires. The design can be modified to accommodate from 1-4 bedrooms and up to 2 full bathrooms. The simplicity of layout allows the easy accommodation of an addition or extension of the living space.

This is the perfect home for anyone who wants to own but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, a retiree who wants to free-up their life and pare things down. It’s great for the young person living by themselves or couple getting ready to start a family.

Currently under contract for development the SmallHouse is looking for its new home (in some permutation) to break ground in 2016.

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