• We consider you our "opening a biz" spirit animal.
    Ben - SuperElectric Pinball Parlor
  • Dru & Adam helped us transform a dull, uninspiring space into a creative, energetic, and comfortable work environment.
    Marybeth Stucker - LaunchHouse
  • You're a great component to helping invigorate our neighborhoods with every project you touch. It's a huge help to have someone as down to earth as you that has a great textbook knowledge.
    Ja'Ovvoni Garrison - Public Square Group


A Cleveland, Ohio based design firm driven by a passion for new technology, material honesty, efficiency and craft, Architecture Office pursues a rigorous design practice which evaluates client goals, site, and program to develop site specific design solutions which are both timeless and contemporary. We reduce elements of style to their functional origins to create works of art which exhibit clear spatial intent.

We work with educational institutions, fellow artists, and creative think tanks exploring how we experience and impact our surroundings. These relationships allow us to create experimental and educational installations which follow the practice of efficient, contextually relevant, and iterative design.

Adam Rosekelly.



Adam Rosekelly is a Licensed Architect with 10 years professional experience. He spent time working for Los Angeles based Eric Owen Moss Architects before launching his own firm in 2005. He has received international recognition for projects under his supervision and recently completed a Masters in Digital Technologies at the University of Michigan exploring the connection between technology and design.


Licensed Architect: Ohio



Dru McKeown.



Dru is a Cleveland born and Ohio registered Architect, award winning designer and 2013 Creative Workforce Fellow. He loves working with small business owners, urban settings, engines, data loggers and attempting to quantify the value of design. His experience from intimate in-situ art installations and specialty buildings, to campus and urban planning allow him to bring a variety of strategies to efficiently solving client’s problems.


Licensed Architect: Ohio