How does the relationship between a person and a space change as the material condition of that space changes? Architecture Office founder Adam Rosekelly investigated this question pursuant to receiving his Masters of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan.

Plaster Light Prototypes

The investigation resulted in striking lampshades that reflected both the form of their molds and abstracted qualities—an elongated teardrop, a cratered moonscape, a draped cloth.

2686 Ones

2686 Ones was displayed to the public as part of Cleveland’s annual Parade the Circle festival. Through the event, a yogi practiced behind a semi-transparent sheet hung at the back of the unit. The historic materials and historic building communicate with the arch, symbolizing the dichotomy between the computer-generated forms of today’s architecture practice and the manual practices of the past.


When viewed from the outside, Binoceros speaks to the renewal of the Cheerio building, abandoned for years prior to its redevelopment. When viewed from the inside, the camera holes cast a striking array of impressionistic streetscapes through its interior.


Merge reimagines an existing condition whose spatial construct is derived entirely by utility. We installed two output lights—one at the top of the staircases and one at the bottom, and programmed them to respond to the bass and treble frequencies from music playing through the staircases.

Archetypal Remix

Archetypal Remix speaks to Architecture Office’s aesthetic commitment to iteration and simplicity and our work repurposing historical forms into new contexts. Visitors to our office will see this installation nestled into a corner of our space’s shared parking lot.