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WRJ Container Duplexes

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Eden House

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The Sauce Akron

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BoxSpot is anchored by an outdoor gathering and concert space. An elevated stage fabricated from a shipping container provides for performances.


SmallHouse satisfies the client’s criteria without sacrificing intentionality. Despite its 850 sqft footprint, these subtractions lend to spaciousness.

Lakewood 7th Day Adventist, Phase 2

In this second phase, Architecture Office is adding a second floor to the church’s community building, replacing its exterior facade and creating a unifying aesthetic across all three church buildings.

Lakewood 7th Day Adventist Church, Phase 1

Situated in a historic neighborhood off of Detroit Avenue, congregants have been attending services at Lakewood Seventh-Day Adventist since 1931.

The Veronika

In July 2016, it was the first building in Lakewood to qualify for the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Historic Preservation Tax Credits.

The Cheerio

Architecture Office was asked to renovate this historic Gordon Square building and design studio apartments for five units throughout its second floor.

The Mullin House

This two-story vacation home opens to a breezeway that provides cross-ventilation and airflow to the second floor’s kitchen and living area.

Monmouth Residence

Nestled in an undeveloped thicket between two homes on Monmouth road, the Eastern corner of this client’s lot plunges ten feet downward into a city-designated stormwater collection ravine.

The Zeppelin

Our final design for the Zeppelin takes advantage of the building’ enormous footprint. The Zeppelin’s ground and second floors are home to over 25,000 and 29,000 square feet of parking space, respectively.

Scalish Construction

The Scalish office is oriented around two details: sliding barn doors and two parallel strips of custom-made LED lighting.

Potrero Residence

Nestled in the Santa Monica mountains and surrounded by avocado farms, our client asked us to design a monumental hilltop home with views facing every direction and an underground ten car garage.


Acclaimed for its cocktails, LBM is a Nordic Viking-themed bar in the Veronika, the historic Lakewood, Ohio mixed-use building we renovated in 2016.