We realize that for many of our clients, this is the first time they are commissioning the sort of project that result in a new home or business space. Our job is to try to make the process easier, more efficient, and to remove as many potential problems as possible. To help achieve these goals we constantly review our own work process and try to be as transparent as possible with how we do things to make sure our clients feel they are maintaining control of their own projects. After all, we are a team with shared goals.

Below are some simple resources to peruse which help explain what we do and when you need us (architects). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to suggest a resource we can develop to help in the future.

Need An Architect-FlowChart – For determining if you need an architect on your commercial project.
Why You Need a Good Architect – Typical project process, phases, and what an architect does.
Typical Pre-Design Services – An explanation of the Pre-Design services to make sure the project starts off well.

Design Brief Worksheet – A worksheet to help you develop a Design Brief prior to engaging an architect.


Project Startup

Client Contact
Contract Negotiations
Determine Project Scope
Consultant Selection


Programming: determining spatial requirements and relationships
Building and Zoning Code research
Background Documentation: existing building, site, etc.
Parti Layout
Prelimineary Design: rough floorplan drawings and overall form concepts
15% Project Completion and Review
Client Sign Off

Schematic Design

Design Conceptualization
Finalize Code Research
Presentation to Client: verify ongoing design direction and values
Begin Material/Furnishing Study
Begin Equipment Selection
30% Project Completion and Review
Client Sign Off

Design Development

Finalize Furnishing Selection
Finalize Material Selection
Finalize Equipment Selection
Begin Specification Manual
Finalize Building Form
Finalize Special Condition Details
Preliminary Permit Documents
60% Project Completion and Review
Client Sign Off

Construction Documents

Finalize Coordination with Consultants
Finalize Specifications
Finalize Construction Details
Finalize Construction Set
90% Project Completion and Review
Finalize Permit Documents and File for Permits
Prepare Bid Documents
100% Project Completion and Review
Client Sign Off


Respond to RFI’s: Respond to Request’s For Information
Issue Bulletins: Publication of Clarifications
Accept Bids – Client Directive
Award Contracts
Finalize/accept Construction Contracts

Contract Administration

Respond to RFI’s
Issue Addenda: Updates and Changes Made to Construction Documents
Respond to Change Orders: Changes in Project Design
Respond to Shop Drawings: Verification of Contractor Designs and Submittals
Site Visits: Verification of Construction and Installation Process
Site Meetings: Coordination with Contractors, Engineers, Stakeholders
Process Pay Applications: Release of Project Funds to Contractors and Consultants
Client Sign Off

Project Close Out

Punchlists: Final Verification of Construction and Installation for Release of Final Payment
Delivery of Project Manuals to Client: Warranties, Operation of Equipment, and Building Maintenance
Final Governing Inspection
Certificate of Occupancy
Final Client Sign Off

Post Occupancy

Follow up meetings post occupancy to close any additional items or issues
Evaluate design and project process to improve where needed