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Spang Mountain.

In the post industrial heartland, on the near West side, the former J Spang¬†Bakery building sits. Occupying half a city block this brick behemoth, a monument to a family’s dedication to their baking craft, awaits rebirth. Working closely with the owner, Architecture Office has developed a series of strategies for gently awakening the beast. Through a series of smaller phased projects the old bones of this once great building will creak alive with the life of new occupants which is now affectionately called Spang Mountain.


The examples illustrated here are for creating small collaborative artists/maker studios on the ground floor with collab office workspace on the second floor.

The artist spaces are organized around a shared common area which can be used for project assembly, impromptu meeting, collaboration and small, curated exhibitions of work.

The second floor flexible work¬†spaces are organized around the creation of shared amenities such as conference/meeting room, kitchenette, restrooms, printer/work areas and some small “huddle” rooms while rest of the floor is flexible enough to be divided up as new users/tenants need. Built around the idea of fostering open communication between multiple companies and industry types, the shared components becomes a “mixing” and public space.

Target users include small start up and craft/maker based industries looking for a collaborative home in a former industrial building with access to both freeways and breweries.

  • Spang Mountain LLC
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