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LBM was an Interior renovation of the former Corner Pub in Lakewood, Ohio to house a new tenant in the Veronika project. The owners of LBM were looking to create an intimate and atmospheric cocktail and small plates bar that would be restricted to the tight confines of the small existing space that would honor the historic nature of the building (The Veronika was the first Historic Preservation Tax Credit building in Lakewood, Ohio).

The concept of the bar was craft and local sourced cocktails and food anchored by a Nordic Viking theme, potentially due in part to being adjacent to a British Cider Hall (The Griffin). To this end a single Sycamore was sourced for providing live edge shelving, bar top, and counter tops. An active LED ceiling grid provides the ability to change the lighting atmosphere of the space as well as concealed mechanicals and provide some acoustic coffering.

Interior trim was carved to provide relief in the form of runes and traditional viking imagery as well as additional custom elements provided by LBM in terms of interior murals, artwork, and a live moss wall.

We were extremely excited for LBM to open (as they have some fantastic drinks and food) and worked ridiculously hard to finish up a lot of the interior work themselves. The love and care definitely show through.


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  • October 2017
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