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    Existing Conditions

Lakewood Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The renovation and second story addition brings unity to a series buildings built over time and composed of several additions which lacked a unifying theme or central space to enter and gather.

A brick veil is placed in-front of the 1960’s red brick facade, facing it with something more in keeping with the original church.  Arches are used as a unifying element, stitching old with new, interior and exterior, combining classical nuances with a contemporary massing.  The form was selected for it’s simplicity and emphasis on entry.

Arches only become recognizable at night when light shines through the perforated brick skin when viewed from the exterior.  The second story addition houses Sabath Day School and community activities.  The addition centralizes circulation with an upgraded elevator that gives handicap access to all five levels.

  • Lakewood Seventh Day Adventist Church