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COLDscapes Winter Pavilion.

Selected by the he Kent State Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative as design/fabrication consultant for the installation of the COLDstudio Competition
Display Pavilion (We have been calling it COLDscapes) which was installed in Star Plaza, Cleveland Ohio from November to December, 2013. What began as graduate studio project has evolved into a physical and deployable display pavilion for selected competition entries. The intent of the COLD Competition was to explore ideas to improve “livability” in cold weather cities. Ideas from protective structures to events and techniques to activate public space were explored resulting in over 80 international entries, and 3 selected winners. The COLDstudio graduate program explored creating temporary display pavilions that would illustrate cold weather living. The overreaching idea of the ongoing project is to promote active urbanism even in inclement weather.

The COLDscapes pavilion was designed to self insulate as snowfall would accumulate on the horizontal shelves. In this way natural weather patterns of winter would determine the image of the structure and how it performed. The peanut form was intended as a technique to break the pavilion up into two different rooms without the use of partitions, instead the volume itself would create natural spaces of rest and collection for viewing the competition submittals which were hung in poster form on steel cables.

The pavilion measured 28′ by 16′ by 9′ high and was made of CNC milled plywood ribs slotted together to form panels (studio assembled) which were then combined on site with foundation weights and lighting. This temporary pavilion was installed for a November 15th, 2013 opening event and was removed December 13th, 2013.

The CUDC team was headed by Assistant Director David Jurca and graduate students Pasquale Esposito and Derek Behm.

Published in Urban INFILL volumn no. 6 COLDSCAPES: Design Ideas for Winter Cities

  • Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
  • December, 2013

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