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Project Lead: Bradford Watson

Initially designed by Christian Schmitt for Cleveland TM (teach+make), a program devised and implemented by The Cleveland Foundation through their Creative Fusion program, and Cleveland Public Art (now LANDstudio), the deployable system (ShopBox) was concieved as a temporary retail system in 2011. In early 2012 LANDstudio and CPL commissioned Bradford Watson and Dru McKeown to redesign and reconstruct the ShopBox prototype to be used as a temporary Pop-Up library and wifi hotspot. The chosen location was the newly renovated Market Square across from the Cleveland West Side Market that was soon celebrate its 100th anniversary.

In order to accommodate the needs of the new users the existing prototype had to be dismantled and reconfigured which included weatherproofing the skin and installing infrastructure for a system meant to be temporary. This included redesigning the roof to provide proper drainage and space for lighting as well as providing a man door for easier access.

A large challenge was to solve the constructability issues while attempting to stay honest to Schmnitt’s vision of “the box” and the image of the original prototype albeit through the lens of a new user, use and multiple deployments.

The BookBox measured 6′ wide by 12′ long and 8′ tall which allowed for the use of a flatbed truck to move the BookBox to new locations and seasonal storage. It has seen use at Market Square by the West Side Market (Ohio City) as well as University Circle. Work and assembly was performed at B. Watson’s shop in Detroit Shoreway.


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  • Bradford Watson, LANDstudio, Cleveland Public Library
  • 2012

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