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A proposal for the Shaker Design Competition, this collaboration between Architecture Office and Scalish Construction was in response to a search for architect-builder teams to design infill housing for the suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. The goal was to provide new design strategies for energy efficient and innovative housing for middle-income households.

The intent of Abend was to utilize structurally insulated panels for the exterior and to focus on roof design, which is expressed most conspicuously through A-frame style homes. Designed as a shotgun style house, Abend was slightly twisted to allow for the main form to curve, as well as for the roof to split for a skylight which would allow natural light to enter the ground floor hallway as well as the mastersuite upstairs. Playing with the vernacular of the “Shaker Style” cladding the goal was to create a home that felt more grand inside than the simple cladding would insinuate.

While not a winner for the Shaker Design Competition, we feel that the project was useful in terms of playing with some unfamiliar forms and strategies. We are thankful for Scalish Construction for their help on the project.

Architectural offerings evoke loft-like feel, not to traditional and row housing – Freshwater Cleveland

  • Shaker Heights Development Corporation
  • January, 2017
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